ESurvey Sections 10.01

ESurvey Sections 10.01: `ESurvey Sections` ? CS, LS and Road Design Software with Quantity Calculation. sections Print area between multiple layer in Table Format Printing Sections: Plot sections on your own drawing templates and export to CAD package Alternatively print the ESurvey Sections from within the package Exporting Section: Export Section data to Excel Export Section data back to CAD along an alignment Export Multiple Cross Sections as different Drawings Export toe points to excel to verify from total station Curve Design: Design Horizontal

Cross Section Analysis & Design 3.0: Arbitrary cross section analysis and reinforcement design under biaxial bending.
Cross Section Analysis & Design 3.0

Section Analysis And Design is a powerful application that can perform a wide range of cross section calculations, including the design of reinforced concrete sections. It can handle any arbitrary cross section under biaxial bending and axial loads. The given cross sections are built up of one or more geometric entities and can be drawn directly using the versatile featured user interface. The user can also import standard steel sections from a complete

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honestech Easy Video Editor 2.0: honestech Easy Video Editor 2.0 is an easy-to-use program to cut & merge.
honestech Easy Video Editor 2.0

section setting) and join videos (file to file, section to section, file to section) regardless of the video formats. Features : 1) Supports AVI, DV-AVI, MPEG, and WMV multi inputs and outputs 2) Supports streaming output (WMV) for Internet broadcasting 3) Multiple video files can be processed simultaneously or in one step. (You can specify a particular section for each file, or specify and edit a number of file sections.) 4) Shows the current position

video, edit, encode, mpeg, join, merge, movie, divx, split

ConstEdit 1.11.2000: ConstEdit is a word processor that writes documents in the html5 webpage format
ConstEdit 1.11.2000

section, the new section is already rendered with the designed style with the correct outline numbering on it; or when you demote a main section to becoming a sub-section, the numbering on the section title is updated immediately and the section is reformatted as a sub-section. User interface. ConstEdit ui is simple and intuitive with multi-tabbed file editing. Section outlining. ConstEdit allows you to visualize and manage the document sections

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Atrise Golden Section 4.0.0: Golden section design grid for web, graphic, logo and user interface design
Atrise Golden Section 4.0.0

Section, or simply the ratio of one relationship to another, or 1 to 0.618. Now you can use this same ratio in your design projects. Atrise Golden Section allows you to quickly and easily check the sizes and proportions in your on-screen design projects by using the ratio of the Golden Section. It generates a resizable grid that overlays your work and displays the Golden Section ratio. Beauty and proportion can now be discovered as easily as moving

ratio, secrion, grid, ruler, golden, image, design, screen, proportion, interface, user

DEVELOPED SECTION for AutoCAD 1.3: An AutoCAD application for developed section of 3DSOLID, 3DMESH and 3DFACE.

An application for AUTOCAD 2002-2013, which determines the developed section of one set of 3DSOLID, 3DMESH or 3DFACE entities and vertical planes passing through a 2D POLYLINE which may contain arcs, in XOY plane. Developed section is generated in the vertical plane passing through first segment of POLYLINE, in the current layer. The intersection is generated in the form of 3DPOLY entities. You can set also the "concatenation precision".

dsect, section, developed, shareware, autocad, software, 3dsolid, 3dface, intersection, 3dmesh

Atrise Golden Section 5.0.0: Screen grid and ruler for golden section design
Atrise Golden Section 5.0.0

Atrise Golden Section is an adjustable transparent grid for web, graphic, logo and UI designs. It allows you to control and correct the sizes and proportions in your projects using the golden section ratio. Key features are: multiple grid modes, including section grid and square grid; adjustable user interface for GUI, web and image design; full controllability over the mouse and keyboard.

design, grid, golden ratio, ruler, atrise, golden section

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